Cassandra the Artist

As she’s fond of watching artists vlogging their work, she got inspired making her own. So we made this right after Ate Amanda’s Gaming Vlog. It was so amazing to see her talent in drawing and what’s more surprising is on how she was directing us on what she wanted to see in her video. A very good example of beginning with the end mind.

One of the blessings on being on ECQ was that me and the rookiemom are more conscious on making sure our kids are having a strong appetite on learning. Much more than teaching them assignments from school, we get to focus on their passions and documenting them so that other parents and kids can also learn from them.

Every night, one of the things we do as a family is to include this prayer after giving thanks. “… so we could always be a blessing to others.” Hope that aside from learning, we’ll be able to inspire parents to support their kids’ passion as well.