My kids were hooked this week with the Kung Fu Panda series. I must admit that even though this movie is for kids, it’s filled with words of wisdom.

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be more than you are now.”

– Master Shifu

Master Shifu told this to Po when he failed big time on his new role as a teacher. This came at a time when he is comfortable already with fighting, thinking that being a “Dragon Warrior” is only about punching, kicking, and giving high fives to bunnies. He has no clue about his powerful destiny.

In the end, he was forced by circumstance to become a great teacher by enabling everyone in the Panda village to reach their full potential. Not by making them like him, but by harnessing their strengths.

In my life, I wouldn’t have been blessed with my three little princesses if I didn’t have the courage to propose to Cali despite the financial obligations way back then.

Growth only happens when you are forced to do things out of your comfort zone. When you face the unknown head-on even when you’re scared. Even when you think it’s way beyond your expertise and your resources. Even when it doesn’t make sense…

As long as you know that God has called you, like Master Oogway’s prophecy of Po’s destiny, take a deep breath and do those challenging things… we are all destined for greatness.