Breaking Free

It was my long time dream to jam with my kids. It came true this week when we had an impromptu jamming session with them.

My Past is Not Today

I was surprised by this kid’s song from My Little Pony. From what I’ve seen in the movie, it was about Sunset Shimmer’s story where she was bad before then eventually became good. However, she had a hard time getting friends as they still have doubts on her. This song reminded her that she has changed and that she can take charge of her future.

I may┬ánot know what the future holds… But hear me when I say…That my past does not define me, ‘Cause my past is not today

Sunset Shimmer singing My Past is Not Today

This is very much true with all of us. We seem to can’t get over the failures of our past which dictates the actions we are choosing today. It’s funny that biologically, our brains can better do instant replays of all these failures vs. the happy events that propel us to success.

With this pandemic, since we are confined in our own homes, we are more prone to these blockbuster replays in our minds. It takes a lot of mindfulness to press the stop button, take deep breaths, and then focus on the present.

I have been through a lot before I had a family. And with these experiences, I thought that I would be better at focusing on the present than any of my past failures. But the force of human nature is always stronger so it’s not easy to stay positive. Good thing we had this jam and my kids reminded me that “my past does not define me…” The future has a lot in store, and today is a testament that I can steer through any difficulties as long as I focus on God’s promises and not be tied to the weight of my past failures.