Claire Gaming

Last year, I made a very good business proposal to the Rookie Mom. I said that our family really needs a device that would support our health and at the same time entertain the whole family. It’ll also develop our kids’ eye-hand coordination which is a very important life skill. So I said, I’m willing to trade my gym membership so we can buy the Nintendo Switch 😊… Great deal right?

She agreed… So we bought the titles aligned to our goals. Mario Maker 2… Not just for eye – hand coordination but logic formulation and coding skills when creating the courses… And of course for my health, I had NBA 2k19 to keep me fit… Basketball is a great whole body workout 😄

So a year after, Amanda has now uploaded her courses and is able to complete some complex speed runs. She asked us to help her create this gaming vlog as she wants to share her courses and tell stories on her adventures on playing her Mario Maker 2 stuff.

Here’s her first gaming vlog using her custom courses:

Please don’t forget to subscribe to their channel Estacio Sisters

As for me, I still think I’m healthier. Kidding aside, I’m doing daily 25 -minute workouts using this game Fitness Boxing which gives me a dose of my recommended cardio exercise.

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s been more than a year since I posted my last blog. What a better way to get my writing groove back by starting with this simple greeting we made for the very special person in our family. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy Cali!

I was fun talking to the kids and get their views about Mommy.

And of course, to the other Moms in my life, Mommy Ludy, Mama Marilyn, Ate Loudette, Ate Lilibeth, Ate Lolay & Tei, may your love continue to shine in our family.