Would You Rather?

So this morning (wrote this Friday morning) I went back to the usual routine bringing the kids to school.

Ate Champee invited me to play a game called would you rather… It’s a game where one will ask a question about two things and you have to choose what you want and explain.

So for the first question I asked Ate Champee, “Would you rather have a stinky breath or a smelly kili kili?” (Silly huh?!) – she just laughed.

So it was her turn and asked me – “Would you rather…

have a job that you like but without pay


have a job you don’t like but with a super high pay?”

I was shocked as to where she got this question.  I was expecting a sillier question but found myself answering based on the values I hold.

My answer: a job I liked even without pay. And she was even more shocked.  A few weeks ago, she was asking a scenario that if a was a fireman and I’m responding to a burning building where there’s an old lady, a dog and one million dollar bag, she asked me who will I be saving…. and then I jokingly always replied, of course the One Million Dollar bag 🙂

With my answer, I guess she understood what my real values are… that doing the things you love can make you happy and contented.  It makes work not a work but rather a vocation and a fulfilment of the purpose of what God called you.

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