Me and the rookie mom spent our ninth year anniversary last 12-12 in isolation.  It’s our first time to go on a getaway without the kids and disconnect to the world so we could reconnect. We realized this was the first time we were really able to be alone together (weird – alone together – but couples would get it). 

Just a summary of what happened to that nine years.  2009 was when we got married. 2011 when Amanda was born and ever since we weren’t able to set aside our time together.  2013 Cali went out of the corporate world and had miscarriage. 2014 we had Cassandra.  2015 we lost Mommy. 2016 we had Camilia. 2017 we lost Daddy. 

So many things happened in a span of nine years.  And what happened in the past anniversaries we had was to either spend it with the kids or with them more 🙂  Not that we don’t want it, but there’s truth to the wisdom that couples should really take time off to reconnect with each other.  Specially in our case where our bed is taken over by the three kids and the demands of work made it more difficult to get that divine time to talk deeper with each other.

When we arrived at the place where they specialize on Doing Nothings, we went to our room. It has that old Hispanic Filipino feel that takes you back to that old country living.  Where life is simple and that technology takes a back seat.  So we did nothing here 🙂

Night time… we had our healthy dinner.  Started out with fresh organic salad. Then onto freshly baked breads with spreads.  You should try out their pesto spread.  It was so tasty I can’t believe they didn’t use magic sarap.  So it’s really magic.

The main course was their pasta with both red and white sauce.  

At first, since they’re going to serve healthy food, I thought we won’t be full.  But by the middle of the meal, I already have a big belly (well it’s already big even when we started, but it got bigger:) ).  I thought we’re done after the pasta but they still served desserts.

And to end the dinner, they served this tarragon tea.  They said it aids in digestion, so I was hoping to get my six pack abs back after taking three cups of these.

This was the dessert made of organic chocolate 🙂After dinner, we went to the Proposal Garden as advised by the very accommodating waiter.  I took time to take this beautiful site.  I didn’t have to direct this shot, as my model is a natural 😉

The next morning, we took the time to smell the flowers.  Again, no need for posing her as my model’s really a natural.

Well, here’s another natural.  The adorable Wilbore.  He’s a really fat pig.  Was wondering though if pigs can get  a heart attack if they’re too fat.We went back to the cafe to eat our healthy breakfast.

And of course, took another couple pic.After breakfast, we went to the secret lake to relax even more.

Although it was barely a 24-hour vacation, it was nice to finally set aside a time for our marriage, to bond and deepen our relationship more.  After all, the best legacy we can leave to our kids is a wonderful marriage where they can see and feel LOVE.

Would You Rather?

So this morning (wrote this Friday morning) I went back to the usual routine bringing the kids to school.

Ate Champee invited me to play a game called would you rather… It’s a game where one will ask a question about two things and you have to choose what you want and explain.

So for the first question I asked Ate Champee, “Would you rather have a stinky breath or a smelly kili kili?” (Silly huh?!) – she just laughed.

So it was her turn and asked me – “Would you rather…

have a job that you like but without pay


have a job you don’t like but with a super high pay?”

I was shocked as to where she got this question.  I was expecting a sillier question but found myself answering based on the values I hold.

My answer: a job I liked even without pay. And she was even more shocked.  A few weeks ago, she was asking a scenario that if a was a fireman and I’m responding to a burning building where there’s an old lady, a dog and one million dollar bag, she asked me who will I be saving…. and then I jokingly always replied, of course the One Million Dollar bag 🙂

With my answer, I guess she understood what my real values are… that doing the things you love can make you happy and contented.  It makes work not a work but rather a vocation and a fulfilment of the purpose of what God called you.