Fun Times at Museo Pambata

About two weekends ago, while Rookie Mom sharpens her photography skills with Jaja Samaniego and Patrick Diokno, I had a date with the two Ates at the Museo Pambata.

It was Ate Amanda’s second time as she already went here during her pre-school’s field trip.  But for Ate Cassandra, this is her first time.

In the first part of the museum, it was all about history.  The theme was dark which made Ate Cassandra a little bit scared.  Top that with some voices she’s hearing from Rizal, Bonifacio and the rest of our national heroes.  Well, thinking about it, if you’re three years old and you’re used to bright colors and happy atmosphere, this scenery will be spooky.  Specially when she saw the old photos of Melchora Aquino and Apolinario Mabini.  I think she only saw those sephia-colored photos from the cemetery.

The kids spent most of their time at the “Kidzoona-like” Filipino city.  I began to think how much Filipinos lives changed as most of the stores here are already available in the big shopping malls.  And how about the “bahay kubo” – as much as this song is still taught in schools, I wonder how many kids in the city are still able to actually see one near their place.

With this experience, hopefully my kids were able to experience the rich culture we have and had a break from the hight-tech world they’re used to.