Cebu Stories – The Adorable Koko

The reason why we went to Cebu was to meet Koko in person, the kids’ new cousin from Tita Tei and Tito Kevin.

When we went into their condo, the kids immediately gathered around Koko.  And this was her initial reaction:

I think that this is her first time to encounter a lot of excited visitors so she was shocked.  But minutes later, she’s able to settle and was ready to entertain her visitors.

Here’s the little baby Ate Camilia playing with Koko.

Koko simply being adorable.

Koko thinking about the meaning of life

Seems the little baby Ate Camilia keeps on checking here little cousin from time to time.

It’s cute to see, babies finding another baby cute.

And here’s Ate Cassandra and Ate Camilia.

The big Ate Amanda getting a peek of her new cousin.  This time she plays to be the Ate as they’ve always been the youngest among the Estacio cousins.

Can’t resist pinching those ultra chubby cheeks!

Ate Cassandra reading stories for Koko.

Oops she forgot she doesn’t know how to read yet.

It was also refreshing to take a taste of Cebu’s McDonald’s orange juice 🙂

Rookie Mom Cali helping out carry the big baby.  She’s too big for a two month old baby.

Girl power… no baby boys yet on the Calingasans.  I got an intel though that Koko wants a baby brother soon.

And here’s me with the big boss baby Koko.

The second day we were in Cebu, we were able to see Koko taking a bath.

The Ates cheering for Koko’s dressing up.

After bath time, the next best thing is sleeping time.  Here, Daddy Kevin takes a kiss of her little bundle of joy.

Oh there, she woke up.

It was fun seeing Koko in person, and hopefully we could see her again soon when they go here in MNL.

Happy three months Koko!

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