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We started our tour by going to the historical place in the city.

Magellan’s Cross

The last time we went to Cebu was right after the big earthquake. It’s good to see this restored now.

This was the best photo shoot we can make. We had one of the girls being cranky as we’re all hungry already. Can you guess who?

Maybe here you would know 🙂

Sirao Gardens

Our next stop was the Little Amsterdam of Cebu. I was a bit worried if they have little “coffeeshops” there as well. Good thing the place was just about windmills and flowers.

Here’s my photo with the two Ates. They look so happy here with Daddy 😉

Here’s a classic pose in a hammock by the two Ates

Rookie Mom showing the kids how the professionals do their pose

Yey we’re complete here!

Mama Meia and a photo bomber.

And more photos here:

Temple of Leah

Our last stop was Temple of Leah. Too bad it was under construction so it was not as instagrammable as we expected it to be.

Here are some lessons I learned from this trip :

  1. Don’t take photos when hungry – there are two major things that get kids and even adults cranky. Hunger and lack of sleep. As you can see with our Magellan’s Cross photos, our little ate didn’t enjoy that much.
  2. Seize the moment – our intent to go to these places was for the kids to enjoy. There were lots of scenarios where we wish we could get a better shot but then it would entail more waiting time for our little ones. We always have to remind ourselves that we were on vacation and not on a pictorial.
  3. Get updates – we’re on the information age already but we forgot to check what’s new in the places we went. So for the Temple of Leah, we were surprised that it was under renovation. And that the instagrammable locations were off limits.

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