Cebu stories – Camilia’s First Plane Ride

Sharing some fun stories from our Cebu trip.

First time flyer

It’s Camilia’s first time to ride a plane… and what a better way to experience it is via a delayed flight 😉

So we have more time for photo shoots.  Here are the ladies.  You can see from Camilia that she’s ultra excited.

And of course, the wacky pose.  As you can see, our little Ate Cassandra has mastered the art of funny face.  Her two siblings seem to practice the meh pose.

While waiting, it seems little Camilia is very fond of Turks. Maybe because her dad looks like the endorser (ahem).

Before boarding, despite the reminder not to stay too long on the ground, we should of course have a photo with planey (that’s what they call 5J’s plane mascot)

And here’s Camilia – very comfy on her seat… well on Mommy’s lap 🙂 

And before we fly, Ate Amanda lead us in a prayer.

Here, Ate Amanda is already excited to see her new cousin and all the activities they were planning days before our vacation.

It’s Ate Cassandra’s first time as well to fly with her own seat.  The last time was about two years ago when she was like Camilia.

and after an hour of flying… touchdown Cebu!

Good job kids as they were well behaved during the entire flight.


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