The last time the Estacios gathered was Amanda’s 7th birthday. Mother’s day was just over and we ran out of occasions to celebrate. So last May 20, we decided to have a get together even if there was no occasion.

And here’s a photo of our friendly host Spade. He looks and sounds big but he’s very warm and playful. I think he’s also clingy  as he didn’t want any of us to leave. Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again soon.

The second generation Estacios. They really grow up so fast.

And the whole gang… well except for Mommy and Daddy.

We were suppose to go out of town for this, however, we ran out of time to plan.  I guess it’s a blessing as the simplicity of the get-together highlighted the grandeur of family life.  What matters is that we were all there to enjoy each other’s company.

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