Wanted Yaya

So this was last August 19 when Ate Amanda suggested she wanted to have another ate yaya friend. Her idea was to post this in our neighborhood so we can get someone to apply.
I know it’s extra hard to hire an employee that can help us out at the house and be best friends with the kids. I know someday we may be able to find the right person but we’re maximizing the learnings we had with just us doing everything. Heee are some of them:

  • ​Discipline – we need to ensure we do our hoisehold chores otherwise our house would be a total mess. And with kids around this would pose health risks.
  • Kids Training – some tasks are delegated to them such as fixing the bed and returning things to their proper places.
  • Focus – we need more focus in our daily tasks as we would run out of time if we are not efficient
  • Patience – it’s a lot of work and to keep our sanities intact we need a lot of patience to endure missed tasks and opportunities even on business.

My First PTA

Last weekend I had a chance to attend to Ate Amanda’s PTA meeting.  The only experience I had with PTA was when my Mommy attended a PTA meeting when I was in elementary and I just tagged along since no one will take care of me.

So for my first PTA, I was late for the general assembly.  But good thing, I was able to join the break out session where parents for each level will have an election for the officers of the PTA. Not that I wanted to be an officer, but I just wanted to see the dynamics of how interactive the parents of the grade one students are. 


The Grade One President

The activity was started by the AY 2016-2017 President.  Which by the way ended up being volunteered to be the new President as well.

Teacher Marnie and the rest of the faculty

Then, there was the introduction of the Grade One teachers.
And then, they asked all the parents to do a quick introduction… I was doubtful it would be quick as I think there are more than 50 parents inside the classroom.   I contributed largely on the “quick” introduction and thankful I was an introvert and was proud to be able to do a 30-second introduction.

Then the election… it was a breeze.  Just ask for volunteers OR volunteer someone.

I didn’t volunteer as an officer.  But one thing’s for sure… me and the Rookie Mom will do our best to help out as much as possible on all the activities that would make our daughter’s stay in the school much better.

So after the meeting, I had a chance to stop by at the Art Exhibit.  First time to deliberately have an art appreciation time.  This is really helpful being a photographer as well to be inspired by other artist’s work.  The faces are quite creepy though.