Our Artsy Long Weekend

Our long weekend started with Ava’s vaccine with Doc Yan.  Ate Cassandra was prepping our bunso for her challenge.
They goofed around and pretended to be minions.
It seems Ava’s all set and relaxed here…


What could be more comforting than a mother’s kiss.
The two Ate’s imagination at work again.
How about a wacky pose before heading to our next destination.


So on to our Artsy adventure to Art in Island, an art museum where you could be part of the art, a haven for selfie enthusiast located at 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Quezon City, Philippines.
I heard Ate Amanda said that they might find Lolo Ador and Lola Ludy there at the gates of heaven.
These ladies are natural 🙂
When the kids became bigger than mommy.
Good job mama!
…the most beautiful mermaid ever 😉
The following day, the kids attended Dasha’s Royal Princess Tea Party.  They’ve been so excited to attend and wear their gowns when they got invited two weeks ago.
It was a tiring long weekend but we’re blessed to add beautiful memories in our kids’ childhood.

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Father’s Day 2017

This year was different as it’s our first time to celebrate Father’s Day without Daddy Ador.  So as our first stop, we went to Heritage and visit both Mommy and Daddy.


Somehow the three months seem to be long as many things happened after he passed away.  Or maybe, all of us were subconsciously immersing ourselves in our daily activities to somehow dilute the sorrow of losing Daddy. But in hindsight, our family has become much closer and stronger.

My kid’s favorite after the Heritage visit was breakfast time and bonding moments with their cousins.  We went to Burger King, just a few kilometers away from Heritage.
Of course, Camilia showed her killer smiles and awesome cute moves to her Kuya, Ates, Tito and TItas.
The kids went on to play hide and seek.  Good thing there are only a few customers so most of the dining area became their playground.


Ate Julianna and Ate Champee posing for the camera.
 After the simple breakfast celebration, we went home and I got these priceless gifts from my babies.
Nothing melts my heart than seeing my kids taking their time and effort to make these personalized greeting cards as it unleashed their creativity and more importantly, their love for our family.