A Special Christmas Eve


Last December 24, 2016, we had an extra special Christmas eve.

Our third baby, Ava Camilia didn’t want to be left out on the family’s Noche Buena. It was about 2 in the morning when the rookie mom complained that she’s having a hard time sleeping and that her tummy is slightly aching.  She tried not to let Ava go out since Ate Amanda and Ate Cassandra are all excited for their gifts on Christmas Eve.

So we got back to bed, but little did I know that I was the only one who slept.  Cali was up all that morning until the tummy aches became frequent.  That’s contraction already so when we got up about 5, we know that she’s getting into labor.

Good thing it was holiday so the drive from south was just about 20 minutes using the skyway.  This is where experience kicks in. The regular contraction interval… being calm while driving… taking the fastest route.

I was used to waiting for 8 hours or more for the delivery but this time it was different.  Just about 2 to 3 hours, they already called me to be in the delivery room so I can take pictures.  Good thing I got my camera bag with me.  So here I am all suited up to see Mommy Cali and Ava.
Here’s our first picture with Ava Camilia with my fancy bag 🙂 Then the doctors have to clean her up…
It’s also important for newborns to have their first latch to their mommies to get the colostrum and have that special connection that only mothers can give.
Kudos to Dra. Gali’s team for the successful delivery.  Thank you for ensuring both mommy Cali and Ava’s safety all throughout the operation.  She said that Ava has two cord coils when they saw her.
The Noche Buena
After we were settled in the room, that night the whole gang came.  Of course, the newly promoted Ate Cassandra (formerly the bunso Baby Cassandra) and Ate Amanda were very excited to see their baby sister.  But looking at this picture, it seems they’re more excited on their Christmas gifts 🙂
Even though we spent our Christmas at the hospital, the most important thing was we were with our family.
And here’s our first Christmas photo with Ava and Peppa 🙂
It was Christmas morning and it’s already time for Ava’s first bath time.
Here’s Ava… all tucked up after bathing.


During our last night, the two ates decided to have a sleep over.  Good thing they have their pjs ready.

One of the tests done for newborns is the hearing test.  Good thing she passed.
And before we left, Ava lead the prayer.
Babies are truly God’s gift.  And Ava Camilia was the best present He was able to give us on His birthday.

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