Cassandra Turns 2

And just like that… Cassandra’s TWO.

I’m sure some may have heard these from our elders…

​”Enjoy your kids while they’re young, pretty soon you’ll realize that they’re all grown up”

​Yes, they’re right.


Cassandra trying to take off her earrings while waiting for everyone else to get dressed up for her party.

It was a quick two years… probably because of the series of life events that happened… or just plainly how life works.  This year, we celebrated Cassandra’s 2nd birthday with our closest relatives and friends at Jollibee.  It’s amazing how they designed his face to appeal to toddlers.

Rookie Mom’s ecstatic smile and Cassandra’s signature happy pose (may pinagdadaanan anak?)

Funny thing about Cassandra is that she tries not to smile whenever we’re taking her pictures.  It’s one of the greatest challenge for us as a photographer couple as we’re able to make most kids smile except her.  During her birthday, there are even scenarios where she was super happy but when we focused the camera on her, she tries so hard to cover her smile.

A rare family picture. Everyone’s happy although it doesn’t show on Cassandra’s face 🙂

Looking at our rare family picture, I just can’t imagine a decade ago that God would bless me this much.  Now our youngest turned two, I look forward to how can God even bless us more.

Rarest picture ever. Cassandra smiling a bit for the camera.

Some say that we have to watch out for the TERRIBLE TWO.  But I would rather think of it as her TERRIFIC TWO.  Just adding up a dose of positivity in this world enveloped by negativity.  As a parent, I know that it’ll be another milestone of always running after Cassandra so she won’t fall while running, or prevent her from sticking her tongue in the power outlet, or even stand up on her high chair… but nothing would beat seeing her light up and laugh about all these tiny discoveries she will experience on her life as a two-year old.  And with these simple joys, more terrific adventures await us…
Speaking of how time flies fast, seeing Ate Amanda on this shot made time fly faster.  I know that no matter how I want them to stay as Daddy’s Little girls, soon they’ll be adults and will be making a good difference in this world.

Cassandra’s birthday reminded me of three things:

  1. Masks cannot cover feelings.  Before the party started, we overheard the man behind the Jollibee mascot talking someone on the phone and was shouting at the top of his voice.  He’s upset to something or at someone.  In short, he’s really angry just before he wears that Jollibee costume.  The result, when Jollibee showed up at the party and tries to hold Cassandra’s hand, she said… “NO!”  Maybe kids have this sixth sense. That no matter how happy and jolly Jollibee’s face, they can feel the negative aura of the person wearing it.  Take note that we chose Jollibee because this red happy mascot always light up her face when she sees one in the street.  We were quite surprised she acted that way when she saw Jollibee in person.
  2. Presence not presents.  We were touched by the people who made it to the party despite the horrible traffic in C5 during that time.  One of Cassandra’s Lolos was there despite recovering from an operation. Some came all the way from Cebu. And others despite their busy schedules, freed up some time just to be there. Truly, the best things in life are not things… but people who invested their time to be with you because they love you.

Ate Amanda’s wish… for Cassandra to grow up lovely and nice.


Cassandra practiced a dozen times on how to blow her birthday candle two days before her actual birthday.


Picture with Jollibee.

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