The Super Dad

Cheers to our Super Dad, our Veteran Dad – Lolo Ador… Happy 79th Birthday!

Champee created the Birthday card to Lolo which she gave yesterday. When she woke up today, Lolo Ador responded with a Thank You note.

Please take note, like most dads during his generation, they’re not too expressive. Champee was extra lucky that she gets a response from Lolo. You could see his Engineering Lettering response in the first picture.

​To our super daddy and awesome Lolo Ador happy birthday. We love you so much.

The Super Dudes

During last year’s Hi Five visit in MNL, we were sad that it was Stevie’s last performance.  We were ecstatic when we found out in his Instagram that his Super Dudes is not just a book but also a show.  So when we found out that they’re going to do a series of shows and meet & greets, we took the opportunity yesterday.

Being Super
One thing that struck me during the show was the lesson they were teaching the kids.  That each person has their unique super powers. Just like strengths-based leadership, where we concentrate on where people are good at and use it to move the team forward.  In the show, they’ve used Pirate Pencil’s power to to create a new super hero for the lucky volunteer.  (I saw Amanda raising her hand when they were calling for a volunteer… she said her super power was her amazing running speed)

Aside from using a person’s unique ability, the show taught the kids how to be confident.  At one point, Super Stevie didn’t know what his super power was until his friends cheered him up… eventually he was able to discover his dancing skills and do the worm 🙂

Amanda super liked the show as she asked to watch the show twice. We just took a coffee break when we found ourselves still at the mall for the last run so we might as well grant her request.  For parents, I think one takeway from the show is identifying our kids’ super powers and doing our best to support it. For Amanda, since she just finished her second year in preschool I’m beginning to see her talent in words and drawing.  While for Cassandra, it may be too early but she’s making us laugh with those funny impersonation of all the people or even animal she’s seeing.  She can even bark like a dog now 🙂

To Stevie and the Super Dudes, hope more kids will enjoy your show to be more SUPER.

Amanda and Cassandra’s Channel

Hello everyone! The kids had a great idea two weeks ago.  They wanted to create their own YouTube channel to share the things they’re experiencing to the rest of the world.  Hope you can join their cute adventures and subscribe to their channel.