Amanda’s cute fairy costume

It’s March and you’ll often see your Facebook feeds flooded with graduation pictures or moving up day videos.​  So here’s my share this graduation season.

What’s the big deal about moving up or graduation? More than the awards and the cute presentations, I see it  as a reflection of how much we value education… that having a degree gives you a fighting chance for a better living. 

The Food for Hungry Minds
Two weeks ago, me and my officemates went to visit the Food for Hungry Minds school.  It’s amazing on how we were able to transform people’s lives through the power of better education.  I’ve met some kids in their homes when this school started, and you wouldn’t believe on the amount of pressure they’re facing living in such conditions in their neighborhood.  In school they are taught academics and character formation, but when they go home, I could say that they’re already doing doctorate studies in life as they’re under tremendous pressure on just being able to survive life on a daily basis.


The Food for Hungry Minds kids showing their amazing talents.
With Food for Hungry Minds’ more than 10 years of dedication, I was glad to hear stories of graduates who were able to graduate from the Philippines’ top universities and pursue their dreams.  As the foundation continues to help more kids, may they be a catalyst for social change for our country and the world.

ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor)
​Since I’m part of the Couples for Christ advocacy on alleviating poverty, we started the Be a Hero Program this school year.  We raise funds to help the most needy in our Sector so their kids can have additional funds for their education.  The mission is investing in the education hoping for a our country’s better future by raising educated and Christ-centered kids.

Amanda’s Moving Up
​It’s Amanda’s second year in preschool and noticed that she learned a lot.  Here’s a brief highlight of her moving up day.
It was cute seeing her perform. This may well wrap up what she learned in school.  Yes, she now starts to read simple words and sentences, writes better, creates more defined drawings, paints well.  But more importantly, she’s able to connect more with her classmates and be more inclusive.

​One thing I noticed this year was her interest with singing, dancing and speaking in front of people.  Although prior to the moving up day she had asthma, she was absent for two days of the practice.  But what’s interesting was her ability to stay focused and practiced on her own during those days she was out so she was still able to catch up when she went back to school for the practice. 

​I believe real education is not about the final grades you receive at the end of the school year, nor the medals and certificates that you get.  In life, what’s important is the character formation that educational institutions bring and the challenges we encounter.

​The kids in HMS, the scholars of ANCOP, and Amanda made big steps in recognizing that education is more than just numbers and words but rather seeing through the obstacles they encounter everyday. 

Amanda’s moving up day theme is “Be a leader, be the desired change”.  This gave me a sense of hope for our future.  As early as their preschool years, they are taught that change starts with oneself and doesn’t depend on other things that you don’t have control.  With HMS and ANCOP’s scholars, I’m more ecstatic that our kids who don’t have capability to get better education to have hope.  Hope to see that their dreams are a step closer to reality.

Oh That’s Why

So before I left home, Amanda was extra sweet in handing me over my laptop bag. I thought it was because she just came from an asthma attack since kids are more “malambing” when they’re not feeling well.

By the time I arrived at the office and went to my desk to setup my laptop, I saw this doll along with other toys.

Oh my, I just realized that even the security guards might have seen this in the x-ray machine.

My girls are growing up so fast that they now know how to give their dad a prank.

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