Meet Amanda and Cassie’s pet.

Last month, after our weekly routine of visiting Lola Ludy -> Mc Donald’s breakfast with Lolo Ador, Ate Amanda wanted to visit Mr. Bear in BGC High Street.  Since it’s still early morning, we figured we just dropped by and say hi.

Fortunately, there was a pet exhibit during that weekend where we saw furry chickens, colorful fish and empty dog cages.  Then there was a pet shop owner who’s preparing for his talk later that afternoon and he’s putting all these fish in individual plastic bags to be given away after his speaking engagement.  So my wife, with her usual charm just asked what they were doing.  Then they were super nice to give this fish to our babies making him our family’s first pet.  Later on I realized that Peppa’s first pet was a fish as well.

So I asked Ate Amanda, “What name would you like to give our pet?”  She said, “Hmmmmm, I know… FISHY!”

One of the positive things I observed when we had fishy is that ate became more caring. She sees to it that we feed him 3 pellets per meal twice a day as advised by the pet owner.  A great way to teach her about responsibility which we could already see when she protects Cassandra to prevent her from falling the bed when we need to go out for a while.

Welcome FISHY!

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