It’s Been a Year


I thought I would be able to get through Mommy’s death anniversary without having to shed a tear.  Then this McDo TVC showed up in one of the channels we were watching that night.
I’ll try to translate in English the lines that the children were singing

Parang kailan lang
Ang mga pangarap ko’y kay hirap abutin
Dahil sa inyo napunta ako sa nais kong marating
​Nais ko kayong pasalamatan 
​Kahit man lang sa isang awitin

Not so long ago
All my dreams were far away
But because of you, I was able to reach them
I just want to thank you
Even with just this song

One of the hardest roles of parents is helping their child create their dreams.  Mommy taught me how to dream. She taught me to dream big… to aim high and believe in myself. She taught it not by words but through the perseverance I saw on her when she’s making big transactions in her business.  She taught it even after her business collapsed, she has the positive outlook that she can still bounce back and earn what she lost.

I heard from one of the talks that the poorest person is not without money, but the one who has no dreams.  I hope that like my mom, my girls could see how their dad stepped out of his comfort zone and persevere in pursuing his dreams.

Tatanda at lilipas rin ako 
Ngunit mayro’ng awiting 
​Para lamang sa atin alaala
​Sana laging tayong magkasama.

I’ll grow old and pass on
But there’s this song
For us to remember
Hope that we could be together forever

They revised Florante’s lyrics in order to show the kids wanting to express their gratitude to their moms and dads. How I wish the last line will stay true forever.  Reality is… we all shall pass.  Mommy did.  But she left a legacy of love.  A love that I can always see in our family.

I’ll be forever grateful for the love and inspiration you gave me. The whole family misses you.