No it’s not my age (just add a little bit more :)).  It’s the number of days I was away from home.With this small amount of time, there were lots of things that I missed and life lessons I realized:

Cassandra’s New Tricks
It was only 14 days when I’m gone and I found Cassandra already walking and pointing to herself when asked “Where is Cassandra?” or “Nasaan si Cassandra?”  So cute… I wonder what people will say if I do the same… “Where is Aaron?”  Will they have the same reaction?

Amanda’s Trick or Treat
If you’re an 80s kid, I’m sure you’ll recognize this costume:
Kudos to Mommy Cali as she made this custom uniform for Champee which reminds me of my childhood.  I think it was Ghostbusters 3 where I had a movie date with Mommy in the Plaza Fair mall in Cubao… plaza what?!

Amanda and Cassandra Got Sick
With all the days in the year, a virus chose to infect Champee and Cassandra while I’m away.  As a dad, one of the difficult things to do is when you cannot do anything to help your sick kids and most especially, your wife who’s sleepless in guarding the babies. As a Christian, the only thing to do is pray for their speedy recovery.

Working Dads
I just realized that most of the leaders I work with are dads.  I think gone are the days when we see western cultures who were not as close to their families.  Almost all the people I met during this trip greatly values the amount of time they spend with the family.  I think there’s a great awareness that for businesses to be successful, it should be able to allow its employees to value the family.  After all, it’s the basic unit of society.  I remember reading before that employees who have a good relationship with their spouses and kids are likely to be more productive.

​I’m glad that I’m just four hours away from home and will be boarding in a few minutes. Hopefully the babies are feeling much better now.  Can’t wait to go home.

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