The Weekend School

They say that in school, you’ll learn how to write, read, draw and other technical stuff.  Last weekend was full of new things to learn for me.

Man’s Time vs. God’s Time
Week after week, we’re so good at filling up our schedule to the brim. There were cases were we put event coverage, photobooth service, attending birthday parties, family gathering and serving through CFC all in one day.  We’re so addicted on being busy to the point that at the end of the day, when we look back at the things we’ve done, everything seemed to be mediocre. That things were done out of compliance and not aligned to what we were designed to do.

God took charge and made us stick to what is important.  Amanda got sick so we went to the Asian Hospital super early morning which is much earlier than the activity we’re suppose to go to. Instead of going through a lot of activities for that day, we spent it with the kids.  That afternoon, we visited lola at the heritage to check out if our solar lamp really works, and then went to my cousin for Cassandra’s shot.


Champee at the emergency room. Good thing the high fever went down after a quick sponge bath.


Champee checking Lola’s solar lights.


Cassie on serious mode before her vaccine.

God’s Engineering
During our visit to Dr. Robles, my cousin and both of my kids’ pedia, she told us on how a woman’s body adapts to the needs of her baby.  Did you know that the breastmilk that moms produce contains the exact amount of vitamins and nutrients that her baby needs?  Like whey and casein proteins.  The right balance of these two substances make it easier for a baby to digest thus increasing her ability to resist infections. Formula milk tries to mimic these combination that’s why you can see different types based on an infant’s age.

Same Sex Marriage
This was also the same weekend were Same Sex Marriage was legalized in the US.  I would have to agree with Pope Francis’ view that this is cohabitation rather than marriage and family life.  A family needs balance and by God’s engineering, men and women although different, complement each other’s existence.  And that these different roles are important to raise kids who will be the future of the society.

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