More than a Can of Cookies

It’s amazing how Cali, Amanda and Cassandra prepared for Father’s day.  Days before dad’s day, Amanda walked up to me with a treasure map saying that this is the place where she hide the surprise for me.  But then she warned me that I can only open it during Father’s Day.  No peeking!

First thing in the morning, when Amanda woke up, she immediately reminded me of the surprise.  Well the map didn’t say that much so she just handed me over this can of cookies.
This can is priceless as it contained a collection of her drawings and letters. THey’re all about our small family and the big love she’s seeing everyday.  

The Daddy adventure didn’t stop with the treasure hunt. We had a pre Dad’s day celebration the night before for our Daddy Felix.  And on Sunday, to beat the Father’s Day crowd, we celebrated Daddy Ador’s in the early morning together with my siblings and my nieces and nephew.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my observation this year 2015 is that a lot of people are already celebrating Father’s Day.  Good thing we celebrated early in the morning where everyone’s still at home 🙂

At the end of the day even though there were lots of not-so-nice things that happened after the morning celebration, I still feel blessed:

One, that God chose me to be a dad, that despite having my already little hours of sleep being cut into half (about 3 to 4 hours) I gained a lot of wonderful memories spending those time with my little girls.  Just seeing how both of them expressed their love to me and Cali is more than enough to last a lifetime.

Two, even though we lost Mommy this year, any occasion brings about reason for the whole family to get together.  It’s nice seeing them play and bond together.

Three, making Daddy happy during this time affirms us of God’s hope.  I always remember the movie “Up” for Daddy Ador since he’s in the same situation. We’re happy that somehow we’re part of his new happy adventure so he can live life to fullest.

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