Giving Back 2015

Love more. 

They said that God surprises you when He wants to teach you something.  As this year’s theme for CFC is to love more, there were numerous times already that I needed to go back to this teaching and really love more.

One of these is knowing if we’re going to push through with Amanda’s Giving Back project which we do every year on her birth month.  And true enough, God tested our character if we would be willing to love more.

Time, budget… and a lot of worries.

These were the things that brought our family to have doubts in doing Amanda’s Giving Back birthday activity.  Cali and I were touched by God that there’s no other greater assurance in this world except to hold on to His words.  And so we decided to cast all those worries and sponsor one of the kids’ weekend.

So finally we’re able to do it again this year on Champee’s 4th birthday.  We were able to have a simple fun-filled activity with the Caliwag kids on May 3 with the help of our loving kuyas and ates from Singles for Christ.

Some things we learned during the activity:

  1. Playtime.  Since she’s a big baby now, she joined the activities already and learn how to play with the bigger boys and girls.
  2. Gratitude. Before we left, the kids and the ates and kuyas said thank you.  But we replied, thank you instead of You’re welcome.  Why? Not because we’re Filipinos 🙂 (do you notice how many of us respond thank you with a thank you also?) but because I believed they gave me more than what we’ve given them. They gave us the opportunity to serve and to learn life’s simple pleasures.
  3. Osmosis. That despite of all the challenges for the family, we chose to push through with it so that our babies could absorb the rationale behind helping others and loving more. We do hope that when they grow up, they’ll always remember to share and love.

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