Cassandra’s Eight


We’re celebrating Cassandra’s eight months already!

It was good to finally spend more time with her during the independence day weekend and bond with the whole family. Truly, family time is the best time 🙂

For Cassandra’s eight month, these are the things she could do now:

Learning how to stand on her own.
This is good as her big legs are being exercised everyday to be stronger.  Thinking ahead, 23 years from now (wow advanced), I do hope that even if she’s an adult, she would still depend on daddy or mommy to do some things, not because she can’t do it, but because she loves us to still serve her (this is respect)

Using the “andador”
Remember the bamboo andador (walker)?  Well, Cassie is not using that, but rather, she’s using Ate Champee’s,  I want to buy one though so we could compare its effectiveness vs. the modern ones.  I’m just thinking that if the results were the same, we may have been over complicating our lives with modern tools only to find out that the end result is similar.  In life, we may have to slow down and weigh things first before going into the next big thing.

Eating more.
Cassandra is eating solids more. She can eat twice the amount she’s taking from when she started. At first, BLW (baby led weaning) may seem to teach kids gluttony since they tend to eat a lot, but studies show that when they grow up, they would eat the right amount and proper nutritious food.

With all these developments, we can’t wait for her ninth month already.

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