Love More Weekend

Last May 16 weekend, we were fortunate to attend the CFC Echo Conference.  And this year’s theme is Love More.

Some insights I got were:

  1. Love God More.  In serving God, there’s no limit as to how one can truly give.  When you play for God, people only see the music being played at the conference but not the practices done before the event. That includes the years of experience in order to master the craft. There came a point that I wanted to get a replacement as the schedule didn’t allow me to get enough rest on the weekends. But still, when you know why you’re doing things, and for this matter it’s for God, you just go on.
  2. Love Family More. When Bro. Lex shared his experiences, one of the things that struck me most was when he said “I was looking for more things to provide for my family, but only to find out that having a family is already enough.”  Beyond the material things, ambitions, pride… the underlying treasure that we can hold dear is our family.
  3. Love Spouse More.  It was very touching when one of the sharers told her story about her alcoholic husband.  That she has to endure all those years to be able to support her family. It lead me to appreciate my wife more and go that extra mile in showing my love for her everyday. Happy wife, happy life.  To keep happiness inside the house, I should be mindful of the things that would make our house the happy place.  When Amanda and Cassandra grows up, I hope that they experience enough happiness in the house such that when things are not going their way in their careers, studies, love life, they can find refuge and happiness inside the house.
  4. Love Kids More.  It’s extra difficult to bring kids to community activities.  But as a young couple, it’s good to always bring them in conferences despite the hassle of preparations.  If we chose to leave them, they wouldn’t have meet their new playmates and ates and kuyas where they discover new games and social skills.

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