Insights on Maypac

Two lessons I learned from the MayPac fight:

Lesson One: Knowing what’s important.  Yes, the fight was boring, but Mayweather just simply played by what boxing rules can allow so he end up winning by a not so convincing unanimous fight.

In corporate terms, I can relate it to KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators…

Knowing what our stakeholders give importance to is the key to adding value to our existence.

In parenting, as a rookie dad, I kept on struggling how to balance my time and energy in order to be a better dad.  But then I took a step back if all the efforts I’m doing is something that my kids appreciate.

First, about working hard for the family… In the movies (specially in telenovelas) we kept on hearing dads saying “I have to do this and that… etc.  FOR MY FAMILY”  Well, we could also hear this from parents who chose to work abroad for the future of their own family…

I’m not against it… but I must admit, that there should be mindfulness in the decision of being not around for the family in exchange of careers for monetary reasons.  What is it that our kids or wife want?  Is it the material things that money can buy?  Or is it our time?  Or even if we have time, do we have enough energy to talk to our spouse and be silly to play with our kids?  IMHO, it’s the conscious effort on making our family laugh at our corny jokes, creativity in turning our ordinary blankets into a wonderful gowns for our baby princesses or simply just exchanging silly stories maybe what’s more essential to our family.

I certainly agree that we need adequate money to make our family happy… In the TRC, I learned that there’s a certain point that families can be happy with this amount of money… I browsed over an article that there was a study in the US where families need $75,000 to make a decent living.  Beyond that, happiness is more than what money cannot buy.

Lesson Two: Heart.  Mayweather may have worked smart by just throwing punches that the judges can see so he can have the score but Pacquiao being the aggressor, has the real passion for the sport.  Can you imagine if he opted to play defensively as well?  It’s going to be a dance off than a combat.

In the end, even if Mayweather won, more people admired Pacquiao’s fighting style and dedication to boxing.

In parenting, it’s all about heart.  It’s all about love.  It’s all about passion.

As a dad, when I think it’s too tiring to work or too sleepy to play with Amanda and Cassandra at night… or giving up rest days in the weekend for the whole family to enjoy, I have to refocus what all these things are all about.  It’s all about loving my family.

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