BLW stands for baby led weaning. Thanks to Ninang Check for helping Rookie Mom do this for Cassandra as she starts her journey in taking solid food.  At first we were afraid as she might choke with the big portions of vegetables she needs to eat but by nature, she’s able to handle it.  Some benefits that my wife told me about BLW are:

  1. Healthy eating habits.  As she’s been introduced to different food flavors, she’s able to adapt to the fruits and vegetable tastes.  Like the other day she was eating ampalaya which is bitter, but still she’s able to take it.
  2. Prevent obesity.  Well with Cassandra’s curls all over, it might be easy to conclude that she might get obese when she grows up, but studies show that those who do BLW are fit and healthy when they grow up.  Probably because they’re used to eating high fiber vegetables and fruits.
  3. So cute.  It’s amazing how Cassandra’s little chubby hands grasp those broccoli and squash pieces.

I highly recommend this approach when introducing solid food to babies. It’s healthy and fun. 

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