Amanda Turns 4


This is Amanda when she was about six months old.  Last April 17 we celebrated Ate Amanda’s fourth birthday.  Time flies (I think I’ll always say this for every birthday blog that I’ll write for my kids)



To celebrate her birthday we planned on surprising her as soon as she wakes up in the morning.  So while she was sleeping last night (she was fully asleep as early as 6pm since she got too tired on her first taekwondo class), Cali fixed the balloons in the room, while I got the special cake we ordered from her Tita Sharon.

Four things that make me feel she’s growing 
too fast:

  1. Her English vocabulary is getting bigger. – Well it’s not only English but she’s able to talk straight in Filipino now.  Thanks to her cousin playmate Edan, as she was forced to talk in Filipino everytime they play at Mama’s house.
  2. Imagination is at an all time high – It’s only now that I begin to appreciate that lego blocks really help in developing a child’s imagination.  Although there were instructions in the box, she often builds a different structure after making the default one dictated by the instructions.
  3. She chooses what to wear.  She has her own fashion already, and mommy cannot dictate her what to wear anymore 🙂
  4. She composes music on the fly.  When she’s playing pretend, as she acts, she makes her dialogues musical.  It’s like watching a broadway play when she’s playing.

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