Fatigue, Sadness, Humility and Hope

Last night, I dreamt of Mommy Ludy again.  She was smiling and waving her hands saying hi.  Seems to me that she’s trying to cheer me up after a long week topped by a jump packed weekend activity.  But before giving in to sadness, I prayed and came across this song:

Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.

Last Saturday, I gave a talk entitled the Character of Humility.  One bullet point that was mentioned there was recognizing God’s grace and talents He has given you so you’ll stay confident (doing self-pity is not humility).  But a more interesting idea was realizing your weaknesses.  Knowing a person’s limit is real humility which allows him to depend on God (this is the main reason why it was the first talk for the character series).  And what a great timing this weekend, that God showed me my limitations on my strength and happy disposition, by reminding me of the void that our mom left when she passed away.  I am humbled that I greatly needed God to inspire and cheer me up so that I could serve my family and enjoy the rest of the weekend happily.

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