Today, I got a surprise from Amanda.  She made a personalized greeting card for me.  Their original plan was to give it to me on my birthday but she was too excited to show her work to me so here it is:


They said that the best surprise is the one that would come at the least time you expect.  This one hit it right since my birthday is still next week and was totally not expecting a gift today.  Much more than that, I didn’t know that Amanda can now write big and small letters and can even draw.

Priceless… this is how I could describe this birthday gift.

Amanda was so excited to give it to me.  It’s only from a child where you can see unconditional love to its truest sense.  She worked hard and was exhausted after making this, that’s why she was so excited to give it to me.  Mommy Cali told me that it took her about an hour to do it and was so tired when writing the last letters.

Despite all the stress at work and the business, this washed them all away 🙂

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