Estrogen Overload


It’s a girl!

We just found out last weekend that we’re having another girl in the family.

Then, I began to think about these three things:

1. Oh my!  In the Philippines, they said that if you have all girl kids, it was an indication that you were very naughty when you were a bachelor…

So then I began to reflect even more?  How come?!  I’m a very good boy when I was single… 🙂

2. Second, how can I stay manly in a world full of girls.  So I started searching for articles in the internet on how a man can deal with this situation.  I bumped into this article and find it to be very interesting.  To summarize it, no matter how tough you are as a man, you really won’t mind doing girly things to show how much you love your girls.

3. Third, what’s good about this will be the sweetness and thoughtfulness of my girls.  I may not have a sparring partner in boxing or a hoops buddy in basketball (technically they can but on a different level though) but generally and biologically, girls are more expressive of their love which could cheer me up often in this busy and crazy schedule that we have both in business and corporate life.

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