Mother’s Day

I don’t think that I have inspired my wife enough on all her efforts for her motherhood. So I’m writing this week’s blog to affirm all the sacrifices she made for me, Amanda and our little baby.

Prior to going full time mompreneur she has a great career in finance.  She even got featured in a news feature for her retail stocks experience. She’s also in a lead position  where she’s beginning to handle people and critical processes in the company she’s working.

Since both of us are working we had no choice but to hire a nanny to take care of her while we’re gone.

But then we had to decide… One night when we went home from work, we found Champee’s face with bruises on her forehead and cheeks. Of course the nanny didn’t admit what happened and that she made up stories of how that happened such that our daughter got crazy and hit her head with a remote multiple times. Take note she was just a year and a half years old then.

Trauma. Dishonesty. The real meaning of life.

Faced with such situation, I don’t think any parent would still have the guts to hire another nanny and leave her child in the custody of someone we rarely know.

We also assessed why are we spending more than 12 hours of our time at the office, well in fact we’re doing these to earn more money for Amanda and our future kids. Is the additional income of having both parents work  really worth the time we’re missing knowing that childhood can never be brought back when they are already grown ups?

Maybe for some couples it’s a yes.

For us… No.

So now the question is who will take the sacrifice? Is it me or Cali?

In this patriarchal society the default should be the wife. But we were both open, of course at the back of my mind if I took the dive, I’m happy thinking about unlimited hours of playing, sleeping and doing something stupid so maybe that’s what my wife thought ahead of me before I say yes.  So to save our family from doom 🙂 she took a hard decision and gave up her corporate life.

That sparked a change in our family life. Family is now on the top spot of the priority as we believed this is the primary calling of all moms and dads.

Luckily we have PnC photography that served as Cali’s sideline. From corporate to  mom – entrepreneur (mompreneur). From full time employee of taking care of the company’s cash flow to witnessing the amazing  daily transformation of Amanda with some financial benefits of the  business on her own phase.  From being in the comfort zone into taking risks and letting God do that math for the family’s needs.  Take note that being a full time is never easy. And top that with client meetings, sleepless nights on photo editing and being a CEO is harder than it looks.  So with this I salute my wife for her hardwork.

Aside from her career, she pretty much deprioritize her shopping. Not that we don’t gave budget on it but it’s Mother’s instinct to instead buy something for herself on her new clothes or shoes she ends up buying for Champee.

Unconditional love, commitment and hardwork. These are the values that made Mommy Cali the best mom in the whole universe for our little family.  I may not have expressed my gratitude enough to tell all these but I just wanted to take this time to tell how much I thank Cali for all her sacrifices as a mom.  We love you so much!


Amanda and Mommy Cali

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