Delayed Gratification


Couple of months before Champee’s birthday, she got hooked on watching the demo videos for Play Doh.  I realized two things… one, I thought there are weird people that are super excited to buy toys, open them in front of the camera, and then assemble and play and post to You Tube… Two, there are even more insane people watching their videos.

But then, after checking their YouTube hits, they already have thousands like this one.  Meaning these guys are earning good money from what they’re posting.  So definitely, they’re not insane, just good entrepreneurs recognizing the big revenue opportunity on a seemingly simple demo video.

One of the things that me and Cali were conscious on teaching Champee is her patience.  This was the first time that she requested something from us and that we believe this was the perfect time to teach her the value of patience and perseverance. 

Being exposed to watching the Play Doh videos, she wanted to have one of her own.  We told her that we can buy her that, but she’ll have to wait for her birthday on April 17.  So this became her birthday wish script:  everytime you ask her, “When’s your birthday Amanda?”  She will always reply.. “April 17th”… and when asked about, “What’s your wish? (ala Dibo the Gift Dragon tone)”, she would promptly reply “I wish to have a Play Doh…”

There were few instances that we went to toy stores when visiting the malls.  And as you would guess it, it’s a haven for kids and toddlers to see all the best toys displayed.  But for parents, it could be their worst nightmare as you can’t expect to leave those stores without swiping your credit card or your monthly budget.  So when we went there, it’s impossible for her not to see a single Play Doh toy.  Of course she got excited, but what I’m not expecting was that her ability to understand that she’ll have her turn to own one on her birthday and not black mail us by crying out loud in the store.

We were happy with her reactions everytime she behaves like that.  Either she’s too young now to act negatively OR she understood even with her young mind the things we talked about delayed gratification.  I do certainly hope it’s the second one 🙂

During the course of her waiting, we found her to be watching play doh videos during her tablet time.  Maybe this is one of her secrets to cope with her wants. 

I know this is just a small thing to help her mold her character, but I know, planting these seeds of simple discipline can help her manage bigger issues as she grows older.  As the bible puts it in James 1:3-4 “for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing”. That is a parent’s every dream for their child… to be able to live their lives full and complete and the only way to achieve that is to infuse in their blood stream the value of patience;  To continue to persevere even with the most difficult challenges;  To break through the barriers of difficulties… To remain on hoping… until you get the promise.


Dibo the Gift Dragon… what’s your wish? (taken from

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  1. Nice work, Aaron! Both in the blog and raising Champee to be a very patient and good girl. Am sure she was so happy when she finally saw her gift. I fully agree with the concept of delayed gratification. I would also like to teach the same value to Enzo when he grows up. Actually, am also thinking of buying something but after reading this, I’d like to test my patience again.. Hehehe. God bless! Regards to Cali. =)

  2. Good job, bro! It’s great that you are starting her young on this because in this age of instant gratification (especially with tech) I’m sure it’ll be a very important discipline to master!

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