PictureMe and Champee on our way home from our date.

March 29, 2014 – One of the best things I learned from the Feast when I was still attending then was to have weekly dates with your spouse.  So when Champee was still in Cali’s tummy, I planned on extending this to my daughter as well.

However, when she was in her super infant stage, I was wondering how can I have a date with her since she was too attached with Mommy Cali for her milk.  So I decided to delay this plan until she get more independent.

And so, after almost three years, now that she’s a big girl and can ride with me either using her Dr. Stone’s chair (I’ll blog about this later) or just with the passenger seat, we can go to places and spend time and do dad and daughter bonding.

So last weekend we went to a very nice place, a carwash 🙂  It’s so nice dating your baby girl, you don’t need to spend much on a fancy restaurant.  A simple carwash will do.  She’s so amazed with the cars lined up being covered with foam and a high-pressured water hose to rinse it off.  And the vacuum cleaners, it gave her a high, hearing the brrrrooom and zhooom while our car’s mats were being cleaned.

This date was also extra special, as this was the last time we’re going to use our Pipoy (our first car’s name) since we sold him to my sister in law living in Cebu.  Still we’re glad he was retained in our family.  

It brought up some good memories when we first went to Baguio as a family to attend to a friend’s wedding.  We packed it up with all of Champee’s stuff… the sterilizer, jackets, shirts, toiletries, diapers, medicines, lotions.  And since we wanted to serve our friend through our business we also brought our photobooth along.  Plus of course, our clothes which is about only a third of what Champee has.  All of those stuff packed inside a four-door compact sized car travelling more than 200km for more than six hours resulted to a very exciting road trip.

So going back to our carwash experience, it was good exchanging stories with her about what she’s doing when I’m out in the office. We also talked about Frozen and play doh videos in You Tube which I found interesting as there are lots of videos of adults doing demos for any play doh and imagined it to be a good revenue generating channel for them.  Hmmm… what if I ask Champee to do one when she gets her play doh on her birthday?  It might be a good income stream for the family as well 🙂

So there, after an hour and a half Pipoy’s already clean and ready to be shipped to Cebu.

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