finally starting…and waiting


This is my daughter Amanda.  Probably you’re thinking why would I be calling this blog as a rookie dad given I’m already three years being a father.  Well, simply because when I started conceptualizing about this blog, it was during the time when my wife was delivering Amanda.  Wouldn’t it be cool to think that some of the things I was experiencing as a new dad could be something that could others relate to or even get insights from?  Or isn’t just comforting to know that there is someone who might be facing the same challenges as you would from a male’s perspective?

Well, I know that was a very long procrastination on  my part but as what they say, better late than never  So here I am trying to finish this write up late at night while trying to figure what to do with my baby girl’s fight with constipation.

For us adults it may be a very funny scenario, but wait til you see your toddler battling it out the whole day and night for this matter, just to let the stool pass.  Geez it’s a very agonizing experience knowing you as a parent can’t do anything about it after letting her drink her laxatives and putting suppository.  What hurt me the most is that I know that she won’t have this problem have I forced her to eat fruits and veggies and drink lots of water.  Unfortunately, we’re not successful so here we are in the wee hours the morning waiting for her success story.

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