This is me with baby Amanda Claire “Champee” taken when she was three months.

I am Aaron… a “batampasig”, musician, photographer, graphic artist, an IT geek, Pinoy advocate, God’s servant, Kumbento Boy, Green Archer and most of all a Rookie Dad.

I was a Rookie Dad of a three year old daughter when I started this blog.  Now, I got three lovely daughters, Amanda 7, Cassandra 3 and Camilia 1.

I don’t think I would ever graduate on being a rookie dad.  As what other parents say, each of your children would be different.  And that you can never use the same parenting style to all of them, otherwise, you’re bound to make them robots trying to make them fit your standards and not their God-given individuality.

Apart from writing my experiences of fatherhood, I’m an IT professional on one of the biggest consulting firms in Manila.  Me and my wife also started out a photo events coverage company called Peek ‘n Click Photography (www.peeknclick.com) specializing on Birthdays and Weddings and offering the best high quality photobooth.

I’m also into music spending some of my early years playing for a band to earn and an artist for his promo tours but now am happily contented playing music for God and my cute babies.

Hope this site will benefit some of the Dads out there who are looking for ways to improve their parenting. I know that in our patriarchal society we tend to put more time in providing food on our table and leave most of the parenting duties to our other half. Little did we know that consciously making an effort to spend more time with our kids matters a lot in their development. So join me in my adventures of being a rookie dad and raise fatherhood to the next level for the benefit of the next generation.